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Ecological Aspects


Through consideration of ecological aspects and setting specific goals, our environment and its natural resources shall be protected. Accordingly, we can only extract as much non-renewable raw materials from the earth as can be substituted with renewable raw materials. That is how our eco-systems shall be protected and biodiversity shall be enhanced. Additionally, we need to reduce our emissions and compensate them, in order to do as little harm as possible. Moreover, substances in products, which are harmful for the consumer, contradict the ecological sustainability and should also be avoided. (cf. Schaltegger, Herzig, Kleiber, Klinke und Müller, 2007)

Learn more about which actions VARIOVAC is already taking to further ecological sustainability and which steps are on the agenda.


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Source: Schaltegger, Herzig, Kleiber, Klinke und Müller (2007). Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement in Unternehmen: Von der Idee zur Praxis: Managementansätze zur Umsetzung von Corporate Social Responsibility und Corporate Sustainability. URL: Accessed: 23.06.2022.