100% Recyclable Plastics

100% Recyclable Plastics

100% recyclable mono materials are an ecologically sensible alternative to the conventional multilayer and composite films, because they can be separated successfully in the recycling loop and can be reused. The recycling of plastic packaging allows for an equal usage of the upcycled product compared to the original product.

Here, the industry already offers a variety of possibilities, which meet most of the requirements of the packaging industry and, therefore, offer a more sustainable alternative to composite films. The development of mono materials, which have all the same properties as composite films, is still ongoing. VARIOVAC already offers you the following, state-of-the-art options:


bottom film: SC ECO XXS XPP / NICE ECO XX PP


  • available in a variety of different thicknesses
  • 100% recyclable
  • newest type of PP
  • deformable like flexible film (depending on application without sandwich pre-heating)
  • gas barrier (EVOH)
  • thermally stable up to 100°C/hour
  • microwavable



top and bottom film: Polyolefine

  • available in a variety of different thicknesses
  • 100% recyclable, because no PA is being used
  • same thermoforming characteristics as PA/PE
  • thermally stable up to 95°C/h
  • milkier than PA/PE
  • only for vacuum packages



bottom film: Mono APET

top film: PET

  • available in a variety of different thicknesses
  • 100% recyclable
  • highly transparent
  • same thermoforming characteristics as APET/P
  • thermally stable up to 60°C



tray: Mono PP (ripped)

  • measurements: 227 x 178 mm
  • available in a variety of different depths
  • lid film available with gas barrier (not recyclable) or no gas barrier (recyclable) 



tray: 80% recycled PET (smooth-walled)

  • measurements: 227 x 178 mm, depth: 40 mm
  • available also dual or triple divided as menu tray
  • made from 80% recycled PET
  • green/blue color variation not avoidable due to high recycling percentage