Paper Packaging

Packaging Material from Renewable Resources


VARIOVAC, as a tradition-conscious and innovative company in the field of packaging solutions, strikes out in a new direction with VARIOVAC aware. In an industry that – like many others – must confront the challenges of our time. In accordance with our environmental policy, we see it as our obligation to reduce the waste of non-renewable raw materials and, thus, to protect our ecosystem and its resources. We’ve taken the liberty to scrutinize our entire business, examine the life cycle of our products, and critically review what our machines consume daily. One thing is clear: We must provide sustainable alternatives and solutions that are in no way inferior to plastic packaging.

By developing technologies to reduce adverse environmental impact and process renewable and recyclable packaging materials, we protect future generations and ensure a smooth, long-term operation of our business. Because we cannot completely abandon packaging in the future, we need to design it intelligently and environmentally friendly. VARIOVAC is aware of our responsibility. Almost plastic-free packaging and designed to be recycled with other paper products - with that, we can make packaging a more sustainable part of our future.

            VARIOVAC has the awareness, the necessary know-how, and the technology.


  • Paper Material
    • > 90% plastic-free
    • deep drawing ca. 20 mm (dependent on format)
    • paper and cellulose from FSC-certified forestry instead of classic plastic solution for cold cuts, cheese, and fish
    • packaging to be disposed in the paper trash without separating top and bottom material - no yellow bag
    • made from mostly natural and renewable raw materials
    • barrier-characteristics analogous to conventional plastic packaging, but our packaging does not contain EVOH


  • Sugar Cane Tray
    • measurements: 227 x 178 mm, Tiefe: 40 mm
    • available also dual or triple divided as menu tray
    • other sizes on request
    • made from sugar cane
    • microwavable