Environmental Management


Simpler, faster, better - for the environment. The fewer incorporated parts, the fewer can break down, the fewer resources are wasted, and the fewer components use up energy. A simple operation enables a fast and energy-efficient production as well as little waste in the process. Moreover, it minimizes waiting times in which energy is wasted. In the interest of our maxim, the certification according to the environmental management norm ISO 14001: 2015 and its integration with our quality management is a logical conclusion, which we drew in the year 2022. Instead of implementing isolated measures for the environment, the norm gives us a guideline to approach environment-related topics holistically and systematically, to derive measures and concrete goals to become climate-neutral in the fastest possible way as well as operating more sustainably in the long run.

Societal and political demands to economize more sustainably and account for our actions, nationally as well as internationally, encourage us in this step. The calls for protecting our climate and environment are growing louder and we want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Companies are evaluated regarding their sustainable efforts as well, which makes the certification, which we successfully obtained in November 2022 through an external audit, an important step for our stake holders too.

We do not stop at the gates of our company premises, but we also consider our entire supply chain. From raw material procurement over transport and usage to final disposal regarding environmentally relevant aspects, we unveil all pressing and potential environmental risks and work to influence them in a positive way.