Factory Acceptance Tests and Machine Presentations via Livestream


With the beginning of the pandemic, we were not allowed to welcome customers, sales partners, and visitors on our company premises. Also, for some time, regular factory acceptance tests of the machines were not possible due to the travel and contact restrictions. We acted immediately to allow you to convince yourself of the quality of your machine before shipping - VARIOVAC Studios came into being. 

VARIOVAC Studios is equipped with state-of-the-art, transportable video technology, with which we can present and explain your machine to you in detail in a video conference, directly from our showroom or the production hall. 

For now, the travel restrictions have been lifted and, fortunately, we can welcome you back on site in Zarrentin. However, there is still planning uncertainty and traveling is time and cost intensive. To relieve you and also our environment, we continue to offer video conferences for factory acceptance tests, machine presentations for customers, and technical trainings on request.

We are happy to welcome you - digitally or on site.