Packaging machines of the VARIOVAC Medical Line are specially configured for the packaging of medical sterile goods; all machines from this line are suitable for operation in cleanroom environments.

VARIOVAC packaging machines work reliably and cost-effectively with a high degree of process reliability. They guarantee reproducible parameters for the safe packaging of sensitive products and process soft and hard films, aluminium composite films, as well as paper and Tyvek films. What film is suitable in each case depends, among others, on the method of sterilisation. In the process, each machine is configured individually to your requirements with regard to outer packaging and automation.

Product safety and protection are of paramount importance for our medical packaging. We offer various opening aids to ensure this packaging has high functionality, such as rapid and easy opening, particularly in OP theatres.

The features of the VARIOVAC Medical Line include diverse control devices: Product overhangs are recorded, as are the film run and process parameters such as pressure and temperatures. The following are also standard with the VARIOVAC Medical Line: Monitoring of the glue joints of the films, low-particle cutting, activated carbon filter to clean the air mould and the central collection of the waste valve air.

On request, the machines can be equipped with servo stroke systems. Various printing systems for direct printing on films are also available.

Synchronisation with automatic handling systems for the filling of moulds can be easily set up without any problems. The optional extensions also include the controlled separation and handover to downstream processes.

We develop the design of the packaging – individual or combined packaging – according to your specifications. We would be happy to plan customised solution with you for the packaging of your sensitive goods.



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