Shrink-film packaging

Shrink-film packaging

Shrink-film packaging of products on deep-drawing machines is a standardised alternative to packaging in ready-made shrink bags. Special films that can be filled more easily than shrink bags are used for this application. This and the possibility of placing the products more easily into the deep-drawing machine result in lower costs and convenient handling.

In shrink-film packaging, the product is vacuum-packed in a shrinkable film. Through contact with hot water in corresponding shrink-fitting machines, the film is drawn skin-tight and wrinkle-free around the vacuum-packed product. The edges of the film are barely visible.

This method gives uneven products customised packaging with a high-quality look. Your products are securely and cleanly packaged at all times. The shrink-film packaging is ideal for fresh meat, sausages, cheese and poultry as a self-service packaging for food retail and as transport packaging.

This special type of packaging can be implemented on our Optimus and Primus machines as additional equipment without restrictions. For the entire shrink packaging line, VARIOVAC provides the right shrink-fitting machines and drying devices in accordance with your requirements. On request, we supply suitable shrink films from our film range that are precisely tailored to your products.