Gas-mixing systems and gas analysis systems

Gas mixing system


The packaging of products in a protective gas atmosphere, in particular in the packaging of food, requires precise configuration of the corresponding gas mixtures, primarily carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen. A certain composition (mix) of the gases is ideal for each product.

The product-dependent gas mixtures are mixed as percentages via external two or three-component gas mixers in front of the packaging machine and fed into the machine.

For these applications, VARIOVAC supplies the necessary gas mixing systems that are tailored to the application, the gas components and the packaging output.


Gas analysis devices


Product safety and statutory specifications require regular checking of the finished packaging for specified residual content of oxygen and gas compositions. This check takes place outside of the machine according to defined sampling specifications. It is not non-destructive. The tested packaging is therefore not returned to the further processing cycle after the actual values have been established.

VARIOVAC provides gas analysis devices with various equipment for measuring samples regarding residual oxygen and carbon dioxide tailored to your production volumes and requirements.

For high-performance applications, VARIOVAC also has INLINE measuring devices on hand that already measure the packaging machine in the seal tool and, as a result of this 100% control, can react directly to deviations in the set values – if necessary, the packaging process is stopped immediately. This saves time-consuming and costly repackaging.

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