Metal detectors

An important component of quality management in companies of the food industry is product safety and the protection of the consumer from contamination in the products. Despite the utmost care in production, micro foreign particles can enter the products through downstream processes.

Avoid recalls and a loss of image through corresponding controls in the production process or by testing the finished packaging!

VARIOVAC offers the suitable metal detectors for a reliable testing of your finished product for metallic foreign particles. Even micro metallic contaminations are detected in individual finished packaging and these are channelled out directly into a closed container. On request, the devices can also be equipped with optical and acoustic signal functions.

This type of control is suitable both for the areas of meat and sausage produce, cheese, baked goods and ready-made meals as well as for fruit and vegetables. Metal detectors are also used in applications in the medical and non-food sector.

Whether integrated into an overall line concept or in conjunction with a checkweigher: We have the solution tailored to your use.