Linus 1100

Fully Automatic In-line Tray Sealer for Industrial Applications

The VARIOVAC Linus 1100 is a versatile, fully automatic inline tray sealer for medium- and high-volume production. Its versatility, ease of use and reliability are winning factors. It can be adapted to your production requirements at any time and is suitable for high-quality packaging of fresh meat, sausages, frozen food, convenience food and baked goods.

Almost all types of sealable trays – PP, PE, PET, PS, aluminium – can be processed on the Linus 1100. Depending on the application, the trays are simply sealed or the products are packaged using protective gas or skin.

The Linus 1100 can be converted to accommodate different tray sizes – from both sides of the machine. The wing doors fold up to allow full access for easy changeover. A mobile tool trolley transports the different format parts; the sealing tools can also be heated here, which reduces set-up times.

A strong stainless steel frame construction and a high closing pressure inside the sealing tool ensure that the trays are sealed accurately and securely. The Linus 1100 is designed for inside cut and outside cut. Easy peel tabs facilitate opening the trays.

The trays are fed into the machine by a driven conveyor belt and positioned and inserted into the sealing station by a tray-specific gripper unit. The electromotive film transport ensures even transportation of the sealing film, and a print mark control can be added to it for processing printed films.

Many additional features can be added to the Linus 1100 to provide further automation and specialisation:

Film roll diameter: up to 300 mm in diameter
Max. film width: Outside cut = 410 mm, Inside cut =350 mm
Film transport: Electromotive, unwinding and rewinding of film by pneumatic mandrel
High-performance control: IPC10" swivel-mounted touchscreen, different languages, 80 distinct recipes, USB port allows for easy data backup, Remote diagnostic capability (optional)
Compressed air: min. 6 bar

Product information Linus 1100

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